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2014 KIA Rio Review

The 2014 KIA Rio is the perfect car for people who are looking for a modern, sporty subcompact car which is affordable. It comes with a powerful package thanks to a refined interior, impressive exterior and a comprehensive powertrain.

The outer appearance of the 2014 KIA Rio is modern and bold. It comes with an aggressive front-end, a sleek roofline, wide stance, high wheel arches, chrome accents, sculpted lines and impressive headlights and taillights. The cabin of the new 2014 KIA Rio is full of creature comforts and clean styling. It comes with power windows, door locks and side mirrors. It is also equipped with a SiriusXM Satellite Radio, premium materials, bright accents and plenty of cargo and passenger room.

The 2014 KIA Rio comes with a powertrain which works in perfect harmony with each other. It comes with a balanced suspension system, a quick-ratio electric power steering and a responsive transmission make for an outstanding machine.

2014 Engine: 1.6L GDI : 138 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque

Stop by KIA West and check out the new 2014 KIA Rio. This little car packs quite the punch and is equipped with the best in safety feature to give you added peace-of-mind.

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