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2018 Kia Stinger Track Day

This year we were proud to host our first every 2018 Kia Stinger Track Day for our staff and customers to enjoy! Located at the YPK Training Facility at Pitt Meadows Airport, a custom course was laid out to take the Kia Stinger “Through the Ringer!” The course itself was the one used to train SWAT and undercover police on, so it showed the capabilities of the Stinger!

We were fortunate enough to have had the professional driver, Randy Cook, there as our personal Pitt Boss and to take the customers and staff on a professionally managed, high speed loop around the track to really show what the Stinger could do! Even in the rain the Kia Stinger handled just as well as if it were on dry pavement!

Although the day was almost a monsoon of rain, the DJ played his music, the BBQ was on and every customer left with a smile on their faces! A huge thank you to all our amazing customers that stuck out the bad weather and joined us at the event!

Check out the event video to see all the action!   https://youtu.be/lfQhEgpFqWU

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