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2024 Kia EV6 Review

Kia West is proud to offer the 2024 Kia EV6 for sale. This SUV features an all-electric design that operates on a lithium-ion polymer battery that offers hundreds of kilometres of driving range on a full charge. This appealing electric SUV offers room for five people and has four doors on its dynamic body. The vehicle also has some of the latest technology features on the inside.

The five-seat EV6 offers 19 to 21-inch alloy wheels, depending on the trim you order. The design also features a layout that maximizes the inside space, thanks to how the vehicle does not require a traditional engine for operation. You will find about 42.44 inches of legroom in the front row and 39 inches in the second row. You can also fold down the second row of seats for when you need to get extra space.

The LED lights around the outside of the vehicle will help you see everything around you while driving. The tinted rear glass and solar glass windshield will also offer enough protection for everyone inside. The Wind and Land trims also feature cloth seats, while the GT-Line Package trims and the GT AWD edition all feature leather seats.

The EV6 also includes a 12.3-inch multimedia screen that can support a navigation system. The vehicle also works with the Kia Connect system, a setup that lets you remotely start your vehicle or time when you will charge the battery before use.

Your electric motor will operate with hundreds of horsepower, with the total ranging from 225 to 576, depending on the trim you order. Regardless of the trim you choose, you’ll find an estimated driving range of 300 km or more in your vehicle. You can also use a Level 3 Fast Charge charging system to get the battery mostly powered up in about an hour.

You can also choose between a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive model. The Wind trim is the only RWD version, while the other four trims use an AWD layout. You’ll have full control over your vehicle regardless of which option you select.

You’ll also enjoy a five-year, 100,000 km warranty on everything in your vehicle. Kia also provides five years of roadside assistance coverage and an added eight-year, 150,000 km warranty on all EV components inside the vehicle. These warranty points ensure you’ll stay protected for years after your purchase.

The safety features around the EV6 include seven airbags, an electronic stability control setup, and a lane follow assist feature. An advanced forward collision assistance system is included in the GT-Line and GT AWD trims.

Visit us at Kia West, your Authorized Kia Dealer, to learn more about the 2024 Kia EV6 and schedule a test drive. You’ll discover this electric SUV to be one of the best on the market.

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