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Grad Rebate Program

Kia Grad Rebate Program | Drive into Your Future

Grad Rebate Group of graduate students holding their diploma after graduation

When it comes to providing benefits to its aspiring customers, Kia West has got your back. With the Ride-On Kia Grad Rebate Program, you are offered a rebate based on your graduation status from an accredited post-secondary institution. Candidates are eligible to receive up to $500 towards the purchase or lease of a new Kia.

Your eligibility for the Ride-On Grad Rebate Program depends on a specific criteria including, being a Canadian resident who has graduated within 2 years prior to buying the vehicle, or who will be eligible to graduate in the next four months. With your newfound freedom, you need a new Kia car or SUV that can take you to the important places you have to go. It is time to get into a new Kia and start your own life adventures!

Included in the list of acceptable programs to graduate from are:

  • an accredited university undergraduate degree program
  • a college diploma program (two-year minimum), a three-year CEGEP D.E.C program in Quebec
  • a Master’s Degree program, Doctorate/PHD
  • a Military or police academy

In order to be eligible for the Ride-On Kia Grad Rebate Program at Kia West the vehicle must be registered (RDR and licensed) in the name of the graduate only, no co-signers are permitted. This offer cannot be combined with the First Time New Vehicle Buyer Program. Some conditions apply; please see your dealer for complete details.

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