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Irish Luck & Customer Service

Stephen Gale is one of our newest Sales & Representative at Kia West, all the way from Ireland. He has shown such dedication and superior customer service we keep getting some great feedback about him from all of our customers that deal with him!
Here is another one for the books!

Dear Kia West & Stephen,

I just wanted to say thanks again to everybody who was involved in my new car process. Everybody who I connected with was a pleasure to work with. You can feel the overall connection with the staff across the board. People were genuinely aware and in the loop and looking to support. You have a great crew working together and you can feel the ease by those stronger bonds and positive energy in the workplace. Very positive and a rarity these days. Huge thanks of course to Stephen Gale who was an absolute pleasure to work with. I will definitely be sending anybody aligned his way. Stephen was able to support every step of the way in what is an extremely stressful situation. Down to earth, easy to connect with, straightforward and clear, able to seek out support needed. In reflecting, I smile upon the eagerness and willingness for Stephen to get “my car” out of what was an incredibly buried parking spot, what would have appeared a nightmare to me. 🙂 A very genuine experience overall. And of course things couldn’t have fully aligned without the support from Dane and Noah. Grateful for the ease and support offered on your ends and holding the space right till the end. My apologies for having to rush off without an official thanks to everybody, not how I would have liked to fully acknowledge things. But thankful to all. Will see you closer to snow time. 🙂


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