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Kia West Earns Two CleanBC-Go Electric Green Star Dealer Awards

Kia West in Coquitlam has won two 2019 CleanBC-Go Electric Green Star Dealer Awards for its efforts in selling plug-in hybrid vehicles. These include the Soul and Niro plug-in hybrids Kia offers.

Kia West received an award for the most improved plug-in hybrid sales in British Columbia. The plug-in sales have been rising as people discover more about how these vehicles function and government rebates grow.

The Niro PHEV is one of the more prominent vehicles offered by Kia West. The Niro crossover vehicle is a hit for providing one of the industry’s most efficient standards for operation. The Kia Niro can run in electric vehicle mode while at low speeds, plus it can activate the engine and electric motor at the same time when the driver needs extra power for acceleration.

Kia West also earned an award for attaining the most battery EV sales in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The dealership is supporting drivers by offering the EV versions of the Soul and Niro.

The Kia Soul remains an outstanding model available at Kia West, as it produces zero emissions while running on a battery with an estimated range of 383 kms. The battery’s flat body and location under the floor ensures it takes up less space in the cabin, providing extra room on the inside. The multi-layer magnet in the motor also keeps it running quietly while providing enough acceleration.

The Niro EV is also a hit at Kia West, as it features a crossover body with an all-electric range of about 385 kms. The battery features a fast-charging port that gives the driver an 80 percent charge from empty in less than an hour when working with a level 3 DC fast charger.

Kia West is located on 1881 United Boulevard in Coquitlam, across the river from Surrey and near the Trans-Canada Highway. Contact the team at Kia West to learn more about Kia’s Electric Vehicle Lineup.

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