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No More High Gas Prices With the Kia Niro!

By now we are sure that everyone is fed up with the extremely high gas prices that we are experiencing in BC and the potential of them rising even higher than right now.  There may be nothing we can do to protest and make an impact but lucky for us Electric vehicles and Hybrids are a way to “take a stand and save.”

Did you know?  The Kia Niro has taken home some big awards since its release in 2017 and we are expecting more great things from it as Kia continues its Power to Surprise!

Receiving in 2017 a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the lowest fuel consumption driving across the USA from coast to coast by Wayne Gerdes there is no way you will feel the impact of the fuel costs that are on the rise!

The Niro makes the most of every driving situation. At low speeds, it can operate in EV (electric vehicle) mode. When you need a little extra power to accelerate and climb, the engine and electric motor run at the same time. The Niro can even recharge a low battery at fixed speeds.

Moving into 2018 the Niro has come out on top again by receiving the AJAC – 2018 Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of the Year.  Consistently making waves there is no stopping the Niro when it comes to all the features and benefits it comes equipped with!

Across all trims levels the Niro comes fully equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, leather-wrapped steering wheel, backup camera, Bluetooth hands-free cell phone connectivity and so much more!

With us getting closer to the 2019 release date of the Niro we highly recommend looking more into the Niro and what it has to offer.  It is for you, for your family and for anyone needing a reliable low fuel consumption vehicle!  We highly recommend taking one for a test drive TODAY!

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