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That’s What You Think: Feature with Rachel Cornell

Rachel Cornell made an appearance on the show ‘That’s What You Think’. During this segment many things were discussed including some great tips to consider when buying vehicles.

When coming in to purchase a vehicle please be sure to take a test drive of the vehicle. When you are test driving the vehicle be sure to turn the radio off and listen to the road noise or any noises the vehicle might make.

Be sure to get all of the safety information you can. Ask for the safety report which will give you information such as if it has passed it’s safety inspection, how much brakes are left on the car and how much tread the tires have.

If you cannot get this information from the dealership itself, ask BCAA to come in and let them look at the vehicle. It is so important to protect yourself and the investment you are going to make.

The last and probably more important tip is to ensure you think ahead when buying a vehicle. Will you be having children in the next 2-4 years, will you be buying a big trailer and need something that will be able to tow heavy loads? These are all things to consider when buying a vehicle as you do not want to have to trade-in after one year and be in negative equity.

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