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The 2014 KIA Provo concept has been unveiled!

KIA West is excited to announce the unveiling of the 2014 KIA Provo concept. With 60’s & 70’s inspired designs and a young, dynamic feel, the KIA Provo is sure to be a smash success when it is rolled out to the public.

With its classic proportions and a highly technical “Tiger Nose” front end including 850 LED lights that allow for a more personalize front end, the 2014 KIA Provo is an exciting potential addition to the KIA line-up. The interior includes a leather “wave-like” front seat giving the interior an original look.

Putting time and money into the design is something that KIA takes pride in.  They want families, young people and anyone else who wants an exciting ride to look to the KIA Provo and be proud to call it their next car.

Keep an eye out on the KIA West blog for more information on the 2014 KIA Provo.

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KIA West

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