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Valuable and Reliable – KIA Fleet for Your Business

Need diverse choices, fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordable options for your vehicle fleet? Whether you run a small taxi business or an international corporation, the new KIA lineup available at KIA West has so many options. With our 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty, KIA roadside assistance plan, and attractive pricing, we have all you need to equip your fleet needs.

KIA West offers fleet sales based in the Greater Vancouver area in Coquitlam, but we can serve all of British Columbia, Canada.

For full information on eligibility for fleet services and discounts, frequently asked questions, current promotions, and more please visit our website fleet services page.

For Fleet Inquiries Please contact:

Mo Meghji – Fleet Manager
Tel:(866) 980-3427
E Mail: [email protected]

Put KIA West and KIA fleet vehicles to work for you!

Sales Team

KIA West

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